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Waiting For Messiah

After a few year’s of singing Handel’s Messiah each December, nothing sounds like Christmas to me quite as much as the beginning notes of “For Unto Us A Child Is Born.” Even when we sing them at a rehearsal in … Continue reading

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Flowing Water: Monday Meditation

Bliss loves all things “fountains” – sprinklers, actual fountains, waterfalls. She does not love storms. Last week’s thunderstorms were a trifecta of frustration here: they woke up the sleeping visitor baby, prevented the preschooler from sleeping, and scared the daylights … Continue reading

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And We’re Back

The vacation and third-birthday whirlwind have come to a close, and the excitement is wearing off. Bliss is ready for a few days without beaches, parties, picnics or airplanes I think – she stayed in her pjs til 11 this … Continue reading

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Here In My Heart

I’m on vacation, enjoying the beach and celebrating some family milestones. In the meantime, I’m posting some lyrics from the joint choir concert between our church and the reform synagogue that we live with. This piece, done by our choir, … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Boring

We used to be big John Mayer fans around here, and then he opened his mouth in some infamous interviews, and we just sort of stopped listening to him. It turns out that we weren’t the only ones: after the … Continue reading

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