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I don’t write much here about political or current events – mostly because I still have mixed feelings about the interwebs as discussion forum. But the shootings in Colorado are still weighing on my mind. Tripp wrote a piece on the importance of lament, which is beautiful and wonderful. Also, as I commented there, incomplete in the sense that we have to move past the “we are powerless” first step to the other steps – like step 8, where we make amends for wrongs.

When shooting rampages like this occur, the (rational people I can stand to read) writers seem to vascillate between needing stricter gun control – how did this guy get So. Much. Ammo. without any red flags being raised – and how we need better, maybe even more agressive, treatment for mental illness.

People, we need both. Why on earth would we think that such an entrenched and horrific problem such as this has one solution, let alone a simple one? It’s really okay for us to believe that there is more than one problem at work here, and for different people to work on different solutions. The point is working towards reducing – or even ending, but that seems unlikely – violent deaths in our country. Arguing is good when it moves us towards a solution. Arguing that distracts us from that work… well, as Tripp said, is lamentable.


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