Prayers for Sunday

I’d always wanted to be a mom. Being in seminary, thinking and praying and sharing together about our early senses of vocation, I discovered what I already knew: that God called me to motherhood long before I heard the call to priesthood. Some of it was probably just the inevitability of life – the expectations in the places I grew up that we’d all go to college, meet someone, get married, have kids and a career. Your typical college-town middle-class life. But even as a kid, not all my friends wanted that life. And as an adult, some of my friends who yearn for that life are finding it harder to bring into reality. Mother’s Day is particularly loaded in these ways. Not all mothers are good at raising children, even if they are doing the best they can. Not all women who would be wonderful mothers are able to bear children. Most of us know these truths, but praying about such personal and intimate hopes and dreams and failings and scars is hard.

Ashley-Anne Masters wrote a set of prayers for “Parents & Those Who Want to Be” for Fidelia’s Sisters, the e-zine of The Young Clergy Women Project. They are beautiful, touching, and worth considering and using and holding up to God. And perhaps even more timely- they are for use, as long as Ashley-Anne is listed as the author.

For those whose child will get a soccer scholarship and those whose child will never run…

For those who proudly pose for pregnant photos and those who shamefully hide their bellies…

Find the whole set of prayers at Fidelia’s Sisters – and if you like Ashley-Anne’s writing, the check out her book too: Bless Her Heart.


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Joyfully living as momma to Miss Bliss, serving the Episcopal Church as priest, and reluctantly becoming part of the mysterious emergent church
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