Fun With Tools

I am now the proud owner of a set of gardening gloves. They’re pretty – turquoise and white, and they actually fit me. I also found our little shovel, and its gorgeous here, so Bliss & I went outside before lunch and did some weeding.

Turns out that weeding is actually kind of fun with good tools and good company. I think it’d be even better though, if I had any idea which plants were weeds and which ones I should let be. I mean, I can tell the dandelions… but that’s really about it. Its possible I composted some violets.

Weeding, pruning and growing are just more fun with the right tools, the right company and the right knowledge. I think thats what Christian formation, at its best, strives for – to give people tools to grow, gifts for understanding the Christian life, and a community in which to do this work. Some of the tools come from other places – Fast Company, business books, the non-profit world (my alma mater offers a great summer course on that), arts and education. There is so much at our disposal, to learn from, to grow into, and to enjoy. Insert doxology here.


About mommymergent

Joyfully living as momma to Miss Bliss, serving the Episcopal Church as priest, and reluctantly becoming part of the mysterious emergent church
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