Sleep Dance

Like every other parent (and possibly person) on the face of the planet, we’re trying to find some balance over here. This time, its about figuring out sleep. Bliss has always been a “sleep begets sleep” kind of kid, and earlier bedtimes and long-ish naps have usually fixed our nighttime sleep problems, eventually. The last several weeks though, well, we just don’t know. Moving her bedtime earlier doesn’t help. Moving her bedtime later doesn’t help. Short naps seem to help – but then not on other days.

Here is what is clear to us: when Bliss is well-rested, she is just more of an easy-going happy kiddo. So we’re adjusting a few things and trying to find the right balance of enough sleep that everyone can enjoy the waking hours and not so much sleep that the waking hours include 4 to 6am.

At the same time, I want to tell her that finding balance is a life-long goal. Our best selves are well-rested, full of healthy food, active and engaged in interesting pursuits, tuned in to God’s call on our lives. Balancing our needs and wants with the needs and wants of others (like, say, how your parents would like a solid night’s sleep) is part of the work of being human.

It’s part of the work of being Christian too. How do my preferences for worship align with the needs and wants of the people I worship with? When we don’t agree, will someone “win” or can something new emerge that might challenge and inspire us both? One gift of the “emergent church,” at least what I’m hoping for, is the gift of creativity that allows for balance and empathy – a third way through into prayer and reconciliation and blessing.

A girl can dream – that is, if only I could get some sleep.


About mommymergent

Joyfully living as momma to Miss Bliss, serving the Episcopal Church as priest, and reluctantly becoming part of the mysterious emergent church
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