Bigger Than My Apathy

From @TheEllenShow: Whats the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don’t know and I don’t care. #classicjokemonday

Ah, Ellen. She’s so funny.

But apathy has been on my mind. A friend recently discovered Mumford and Sons, so I’ve been listening to them all over again. This line from I Gave You All keeps jumping out and biting me:
If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could have won

This is exactly it. I sat down at my desk during nap (also known as “get everything done time”) to find that my to-do list from last week is entirely un-done. The whole thing. How could I go all weekend with no progress? In part because other things came up, in part because weekend time is family time and church time… and partly because even though I have great ideas, I struggle with the next steps. And that is partly about apathy.

Spouse, on the other hand, is amazingly motivated and self-disciplined. A friend and I were discussing spouse’s general brilliance, and agreed that one of his best traits is that when he thinks up a plan, he makes it happen. He was one of the first in his cohort to finish his dissertation. A pilot program – the first of its kind in the country- is going to happen in Michigan because he had an idea and made it happen.

What could we all do if we decided that the enemy of apathy is worth fighting?

The grace here is that it even works for small things… spouse makes visions come to life at home too. Simple things like having a clean kitchen or throwing a cocktail party or brunch.  Small successes help build us up for the big ones. Today, we’ll conquer that damn to-do list. Tomorrow, the next big idea. Onward!


About mommymergent

Joyfully living as momma to Miss Bliss, serving the Episcopal Church as priest, and reluctantly becoming part of the mysterious emergent church
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